Invariant natural killer T (iNKT) cell therapies leverage both adaptive and innate immune systems. Our investigational allogeneic iNKT cell therapy candidates directly attack tumor cells via TCR and NK-receptor mediated mechanisms, unlike other cell types such as CAR-T, TCR-T or NK cells.

iNKT Anti-Cancer Benefit Through:

  • Tumor lysis via TCR dependent and independent mechanisms
    • CD1d ligands through the TCR
    • Stress-signals through activating NK receptors, NKG2D, DNAM1
  • Counteracting myeloid suppressor cells
  • Recruiting & activating NK & T cells in tumors
  • Cytokine secretion (e.g. IFNg, IL-4)

We are developing both Native iNKT and Engineered iNKT programs, with a near-term focus on native iNKT cell therapies followed by next-generation engineered iNKT cells with CARs and bispecific cell-engagers. Our pipeline of iNKT cell therapies in oncology is specifically designed for use in combination with validated immuno-oncology therapies, such as checkpoint inhibitors.