MiNK Presentation SITC 2021


Marco A. Purbhoo, Burcu Yigit, Darrian Moskowitz, Ayat Alsaraby, Maurice Kirby, Anitha Swarna,
Valeriia Nasonenko, Ilya Mishchenko, Sonia De Munari, Waldo Ortuzar, Koen Van Besien, Don Stevens,
Terese Hammond, Xavier Michelet, Marc van Dijk

November 12, 2021

MiNK developed a novel CAR discovery platform, CARDIS, to allow for more rapid and efficient identification of antigen-specific and biologically potent CAR candidates, as shown with the lead iNKT-CAR candidate targeting BCMA

The CARDIS platform is a 2-stage discovery approach that screens highly diverse scFV libraries followed by selection of extremely potent and safe CARs.

This platform enabled the rapid identification of agenT-F6, MiNK’s allogeneic iNKT-CAR targeting BCMA.

AgenT-F6, iNKT-CAR targeting BCMA, is a highly potent cell therapy product showing cytotoxicity against BCMA expressing tumors cells in vitro and in vivo comparable to the clinical reference.

iNKT cells expressing MiNK BCMA-CAR and the clinical reference have been administered to NSG-tg (hIL-15) mice bearing OPM-2 tumors expressing luciferase. Note the partial tumor control of treated mice.

About MiNK iNKTs

iNKTs are Designed to Address Immunity to Cancer & Beyond

Invariant Natural Killer T (iNKT) cells are key effectors and regulators of immune responses, making them an ideal immunotherapy.

In cancer, iNKT cells reshape the tumor microenvironment:

  • Promotepolarizationoftumor-associatedmacrophagestoaM1phenotype
  • Deplete tumor-associated neutrophils
  • Reduce activity of myeloid-derived suppressor cells (MSDCs)
  • Induce maturation of immature Dendritic cells(DCs)
  • Induce an IL-12 mediated positive feedback loop which boosts the activity of other tumor-resident immune effector cells, including T cells and NK cells

In viral lung disease, iNKT cells:

  • Induce maturation of immature DCs
  • Recruit NK cells and cytotoxic T cells
  • Control secondary bacterial outgrowth through cytokine secretion
  • Reduce activity of myeloid-derived suppressor cells
  • Kill inflammatory monocytes
  • Protect airway epithelial cells from damage

MiNK’s iNKT cell manufacturing is scalable

  • iNKT cells can be manufactured from healthy donors
  • Scaling up for in-house production of >10.000 doses / year.
  • MiNK Therapeutics’ iNKT cells (agent-797) are off-the-shelf, scalable, and efficiently transported and stored