Designed to Address Immunity to Cancer & Beyond

iNKTs are a distinct T cell population with rapid activation of innate immune cells and effector functions of adaptive T cells. iNKTs have an internal targeting and homing device (iTCR) and modulate both arms of immunity, innate and adaptive. iNKTs naturally home to tissues, promote tumor killing, viral clearance, suppress inflammatory cytokines, and naturally suppress GvHD. iNKTs have shown benefit in treating solid tumor cancers in their native form and MiNK has demonstrated that these cells can be engineered or edited for super-targeting. Our proprietary reagents and process enables efficient and scalable manufacturing for “on-demand” access. Our clinical data have shown that iNKTs can be dosed to 1×10^9 cells/dose with no neurotoxicity or cytokine release syndrome (CRS). These unique properties highlight the potential of iNKTs for patients with life-threatening immune diseases, like cancer or serious infections.

  • Activation of proinflammatory immunity
  • Direct killing of diseased cells
  • Master controller of endogenous cellular immune responses (killing)
  • Turns cold tumors hot
  • Reduce damaging hyperactivation of proinflammatory immune responses
  • Promote engraftment
  • Suppress acute GvHD
  • Aid pathogen clearance
T cells NK Cells iNKT Cells
Potent Cancer Killing Special population of T cells with NK properties
Combine T cell and NK cell killing mechanisms
Orchestrate innate and adaptive immune responses and modulate suppressive myeloid compartment
Enhanced Tolerability No gene engineering needed for allogeneic application
Naturally suppresses GvHD/supports engraftment in preclinical models
Ability to multi-dose
Administered without lymphodepletion
Possibly Most Scalable and Stable Off-the-shelf Approach Ready-made, scalable, off-the-shelf approach with proprietary process for ~99% purity and scaling beyond 10,000 doses/yr

Our iNKT platform provides the opportunity to look, beyond cancer,
into other life-threatening diseases with high unmet needs